Harald Hauswald - Photographer

Born 1954 in Radebeul; 1970-1972 apprenticeship of photography; 1977 move to Berlin; various jobs, including telegram messenger, stoker, restorer, photo lab assistant, and photographer at Stephanus-Foundation; 1989 Admission to the Association of Graphic Arts of the GDR; Exhibitions in the GDR, FRG, USA, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Netherlands; since 1989 freelancing photographer, founder member of the 'Ostkreuz' Agency; photo reportages for GEO, Stern, Zeitmagazin, Das Magazin, and others.; several books issued in collaboration; 1997 Awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.


...Like me, Harald Hauswald entered the backyards of the houses as a telegram messenger. He got to know from below the off-putting corners, the unspectacular life of John Everyman.He took photos of the unknown world, and in doing so, he gained artistic confidence. He found the architecture that distinguishes all of his pictures.
In Berlin, with his camera, he found his awareness of life. "The many small matters of minor importance that happen to you in this city are simply miraculous." Hauswald's intimate photos impart a sense of gentle coolness and reserve.
He who mixed with people was a metamorphic nature sometimes, a chameleon changing colours. Hauswald, with his camera, could turn into a loafer, hooligan, squatter, or tango dancer in a dim ballroom.

Peter Wawerzinek